Cookies Policy

Regarding Cookies Policy

This cookies policy explains what cookies are and how they are being used in the website. You should read this policy, in order to understand the type of the cookies used, the information which we collect using cookies and how this information are being used. Using this website you agree that we may make use of cookies according to this policy.

Cookies Policy

The firm maintains a strict policy regarding the safety of the visitor’s privacy in the website With the present notice we provide you more information how we may use cookies, each time you visit our website.

What Cookies are

The cookies are small fragments of text that are sent to the browser program from a website that you visit. Cookies facilitate the website to memorize information regarding your visit, as well as your preferred language setting or other settings.  Something like this may facilitate your next visit and make the website more useful for you. Cookies play a significant role. Without these, the use of the web will be a more complicated experience.

We use for a variety of reasons. We use them, for instance, for the memorization of your preferences regarding a safe search, in order to calculate the number of visitors in a page or to facilitate you to register yourself to our services and to protect your data.

There are 2 categories of cookies: 

• Technical cookies: necessary for the proper operation of a URL and for the navigation of the user. Without these, the users may not be able to project correctly the pages or to use certain services. 

Cookies for profile creation: they are sued for the creation of the user’s profile regarding the dispatch of newsletters according to preferences that are appeared during the browsing.

Cookies, either «technical» or «profile creation», may be classified as following:

cookies «conference», which are being deleted right after the shutdown of the browsing program,

«permanent» cookies, which are stored and remain to the browsing program for certain time. These cookies are used, for instance, for the recognition of the device linked to a URL, easing the procedures of user’s identity control,

«home owned» cookies, which are being created and controlled directly from the website operator here the user is navigating, 

cookies «third party», which are created and controlled form other parties besides the website operator where the user is navigating.

Do we make use of Cookies?

Yes, we use some Cookies having as main purpose to build the website more operational  and friendly to its users.
The website uses «technical» cookies especially the following types:
1. home owned cookies, conference cookies or permanent cookies, which are necessary for the navigation in the website, for purposes of inner safety and system management
2. cookies of third parties, permanent cookies, which are used from the website in order to send statistical information in Google Analytics, through which the Company may carry out a statistical analysis of the access / visits in the website. The cookies used serve exclusively statistical purposes and collect information in a concentration mode/form. Using two cookies, the permanent cookies and the conference cookies (which expire with right after the shutdown of the browsing program), Google Analytics stores also a logfile with the initial times of the visits in the website as well as the exit from them. You may prevent Google to collect data through the cookies and the consequent process of data, by downloading and installing the add on to the browsing program from the following link: 
You may choose for which cookies you may give your consent. In the case of third parties cookies, users provide or deny their consent directly to the owner of the current cookie, at which is simply referred the Company: most third party cookies that exist in the website may be deactivated from the users at their browsing program or by performing a direct visit to the websites of their operators using the links referred to the following table. In any case, we point out that the deactivation of cookies may affect your potential to use the website or/and to make full use of its available features and services.
In this page you may choose which cookies you may have activated or deactivated during your visits to our webpage.

Operational Cookies 

Operational Cookies are being used for the correct and smooth operation of the URL allowing to this website to recall users’ preferences, in order to provide improved and personalized functions. In this category, they are included cookies with information such as, user’s identification (encrypted), buyers basket, but also information regarding the safe browsing.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are being used in order to record information regarding the way you browse in the website. This has as a result the adjustment of the areas of our webpage to your needs maintaining by this way highly the level of navigation experience. Also, these cookies are used in useful reports having as purpose to improve site performance.

Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used in order to provide content, which may fit more to you and your interests. They may be used for the dispatch of targeted commercial /offers newsletter, the confinement of advertisement projections or by the efficiency measurement of an advertising campaign. Thus, choosing these cookies, you may receive in our webpage targeted advertisement according your preferences and interest. These commercials are projected by third parties, either in or out from our webpage.

How you may control and erase cookies

If you do not wish information to be collected via the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most of the browsing programs, which may allow you to refuse the use of cookies. In order to be informed regarding the way you may manage cookies, please visit the URL:   Certain capabilities of the current website may not be functioning normally if you refuse the use of cookies.